Monday, October 15, 2007

The Rundown

Here's all the stuff (at least, all the stuff currently in my eyesight) that I ought to get done in order to be academically "on track" for part two of the semester.


* The Ball and the Cross (latter half of the book)
* The Power and the Glory (whole of the book)
* Stories of God (getting a start, at least)


* Library.doc (computer science assignment)
* Modern Algebra? (The Nord said there'd be an assignment but has yet to post it)
* Research for Dempsey Midterm (due I think November 5th, but I ought to get a start on it.)

And of course I have plenty planned socially, as if plenty hasn't already happened. I also should get to a church sometime this week, because I missed on Sunday morning. That or I just let it go and move on, and make sure to go next Sunday morning.

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llgp said...

Sometimes it's just as well to begin fresh rather than try to "make up."
Keep your focus as you begin the second half of the semester. With the holidays and all, there'll be plenty of things to draw your attention away from your studies, even without adding in the socializing (which is also important).