Friday, October 14, 2005

For the Record, I Can't Sleep

I was going to sleep at 11:00 PM tonight. 11:00 PM. That would have been very, very nice. But I stayed up. And then realized at 12:00 that I couldn't actually sleep. I laid awake for about a half an hour and then came to my computer, in theory to blog. So here's a blog.

Did I mention I'm having trouble sleeping and have my last midterm at 8:10 AM tomorrow? Eventually I will become tired enough, and will sleep. Or my eyes will sleep and the rest of me will lay awake feeling like life is horrible becuase I have a midterm at 8:10 AM tomorrow. Fall Break's coming just in time...

I'm going to go to the Philosophy Table tomorrow. Er, today. Maybe while I get sleepy I'll do a bit of research and e-mail one of the professors who does it about our Lord-Liar-Lunatic argument correspondence. Currently we're trying to determine possible exceptions to the argument (plausible we haven't touched too much, at least not that I know of) and are currently splitting hairs over what Christ meant in calling Himself the Son of God.

My research tonight: Where Scripture refers to the sons and/or daughters of God and whether in any case they are referred to as not being adopted. This is a vital component of the discussion because can potentially affect one's interpretation of Christ's claim to be "the Son of God."

If anyone's got any questions they can feel free to ask. I haven't exactly established what the LLL argument is yet; I need to make sure I look it up tomorrow, or something, too, in its original form. Eventually I'll diagram it logically.

Goodnight / God bless.

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nana said...

hope you got some sleep, dear little Daniel man, and that you did what you needed to do on your mid term. thank God for mid term breaks. sleep it away.
love you oodles and gobloons.
Lord, Liar, Lunatic. i love the alliteration. interesting study. please let me know your conculsions. what does Chesterson say?