Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wow...Check out this post delay.

Almost TEN DAYS since the last post. Here's what's goin' on: I don't feel like posting the Lord, Liar, Lunatic thing right now. Maybe way later when I'm up for copy/pasting. I'm going to be going to visit Joel (kokosmasher) at George Fox on Saturday assuming there's no hangup on his end. Started The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, which is around halfway done now. Interesting book. She's a good writer. Imagery is good. I'm not entirely sure what the message of it is, although there definitely are some racial image themes. One of our paper options involves why she uses the superlative Bluest as opposed to just Bluer or Blue. I've got a couple of abstract ideas on that one. Hope to have the book finished by Friday evening/night; then I can do the paper. (In case you really want to know, that paper's due Tuesday. I've worked on this schedule before and gotten Bs on both of those papers, so there's no need to be concerned about that.)

Getting back English midterms and the equivalent of a Spanish midterm tomorrow. Also I have a Calculus midterm test (yes, I'll be doing a couple more practice problems, but with most topics I won't need too much.) Thankfully my lack of a TI-83 won't hurt too much. Dr. Hallstrom assured me that he doesn't assume any calculators are had and doesn't necessarily expect a nonvariable value till the final answer is given. (Actually, both of my Calculus/Physics professors recommend leaving answers as variables until the end...)

Over break I got to hang with Colin, introducing him to Chrono Trigger. We also played some Soul Calibur II, which he pretty much won, and a bit more balanced few rounds of Super Smash Brothers Melee. Also I hung out with Matt (over at PCC), a friend from De La Salle. We played SSBM and SCII, and I dominated for the most part in the former and was dominated for the most part in the latter. I hung with Kayla (also at UP) and Mariana (back from Beloit for her break) on Wednesday for a bit. They're doing well, and it was fun to have coffee with people. I hung at De La Salle for awhile then, harrassing old teachers. After that I got to hang and play Tetris Attack with my little cousins at my grandmother's. That was awesome. The younger seems a TA prodigy, and the older dude is getting better all the time. It's mind-blowing being challenged by these kids. Thursday I hung out with Doug in Lake Oswego and got to see a park there which was pretty cool. We also saw Wallace and Gromit's feature film which was a fun movie and quite family-friendly. Pretty much the rest of the time I was having awesome burrito-dinners with family or playing video games. Or doing homework. Can't forget that.

Goodnight and God bless. Got a bit more Calc studying to do, a bit of hangin' around do to, and a bit of sleepin' to do.

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Anonymous said...

here's a chiropractor's greeting as they walk into the room and you are laying face down waiting for treatment. "Glad to see your back." Get it? Glad to see you're back, Daniel. I am looking forward to the LLL posting when you are ready.

"life can be a breeze, sweetheart." can you name that quote? Like you don't have enough other stuff to do.

Lovingly, i remain,
your nana