Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just So I Have a Post Today

List of things done "today" (Friday-Saturday Early AM):

Physics lab. It'll run into Sunday, but we worked pretty well!
Messing around.
Philosophy table at lunch.
Messing around. A bit of reading of The Bluest Eye.
Donnie Darko with friends. Movie put on by Sociology Club, or something.
2nd half of Donnie Darko with Tyler, who got a call from his girlfriend and thus had to skip out on almost half of the movie.
Finishing The Bluest Eye. About 100 pages read today.
Checking Matt's blog and trying to say something helpful.
Sending e-mails, including one to a friend over in Iraq.
Blogging this.

Getting offline, peeing, and then getting to bed and soon to sleep.

1 comment:

k-po said...

why are you up at 3:54 and please don't share what you are doing with your bodily fluids.