Sunday, October 30, 2005

D.Lo Responds to Post Comments (Part 52)

I don't know how many times I've done this so I'm giving it the arbitrary number of 52. So without further adieu, the comments on the "list things" post I posted a bit back:

k-po said: why are you up at 3:54 and please don't share what you are doing with your bodily fluids.

See list. As for bodily fluids, I want you to know that I have to pee right now. Not a lot but a bit, as in I'll probably be going in about ten minutes. And now I'm done saying things with that detail forever, as far as blogging goes.

And on the spiritual growth post:

nana said: just wait till you are a woman of an age old enough to have made all the changes one should ever have to make, and then be asked by God to make some more. Oh, wait. You'll never BE an old woman. Me bad. You're right. it's called spiritual growth and as long as we are spiritual beings we grow or we die. you've learned a large lesson. you are also right. it's scary.

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that whole striving-my-whole-life thing, but Who I'm striving to follow makes the effort worth it.

l-po said: Things would be less scary if you'd get MORE SLEEP!

Not in this area, they wouldn't. Oftentimes I get the most sleep when I'm most frail, and most scared, and that's during the time I often have growth. I can almost guarantee getting more sleep would make me less stressed, but spiritually I'd be just about as scared.

k-po said: stop thinking so much and get some sleep. didn't you learn anything from me on the ride to newberg? we learned how to get to the soccer field :P

I guess I didn't learn anything except that on the ride to Newberg. Actually I'm sure I learned lots of things. And yeah--not here so much, but in lots of places--I do think too much.

Eventually I'll get the rest of the Lord, Liar, Lunatic stuff up. Perhaps tomorrow. Goodnight and God bless!


k-po said...

i love you daniel. you big stud you. you know it doesn't really matter how hold you are, you will forever have these conversations with God where up is down and down is sideways and what the *&!!#@ is going on. But God is always the same no matter what is going on in our brains. just relax. i have faith in you.

nana said...

oh, daniel. you are so wise. The Who we follow does make it all worthwhile. i love you oodles and gobloons and i learn from you.

JD, Gamer Elite said...

You know D Lo, I think I have a solution. You keep telling me I need to update my blog more. Well, maybe if you didn't post as often as you do, you wouldn't have to stress about what you're going to write about. Make things a whole lot easier. ;)

And maybe, just maybe, then you'll stop telling me to update my blog all the time! Gah! ;)

((sorry, couldn't resist ... well, I could, just chose not to. ;) ))