Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm Not Going to Pretend

...That I have some sort of profound title to give this post, because I don't. I've been thinking of writing some poetry recently. Not sure if it'd be worthy of being posted up here. And by poetry I mean actual poetry, not the stuff I often do that floats in the ethereal void because I call it lyrics and it never gets recorded.

Homecoming was this weekend. I didn't go to anything--the dance or the game or even the float competition. I didn't see many drunk people, either, or at least none that I knew were drunk. But on Friday, when my roommate Tyler came to Colin's place to watch Boondock Saints, he said a lot of people were drunk in Kenna. It wound up being a bunch of people watching, two of whom had seen it before and four of whom had not. The two who had seen it loved it, and the rest of us thought it was alright. Well, I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it.

Boondock Saints is a fairly good movie, if you look at it as a movie. Some of the jokes are fairly funny and the plot is original, at least. And the way the thing is put together is very good. The biggest issue isn't the plot or even the violence--it's the fact that the script-writers felt the need to insert the F-word every few seconds, almost arbitrarily.

That night Colin and I hung out, staying up way too late after other people went to bed. The next night I was also up too late, except that this time it started with me, Colin, Courtney and Rachel--and then from about 2:30 AM, for the next two hours, Colin, Courtney and I hung out in the lobby of Mehling hall. For absolutely no good reason. Colin and I hung out at the crossroads between Christie, Kenna and Shipstad for about ten minutes on the way back, noting that if public safety dropped by we would be unable to prove our sobriety. We had after all been up obscenely late two nights in a row.

But I neglect one detail about Saturday. One very major detail. On Saturday I went to the wedding of someone from my church named Nicole who married this dude named Scott who--I found this out via Pastor Gene's talk during the service--met on a blind date. It was a good wedding. I didn't go to the wedding of my cousin Nate and his now-wife Brit, but I'm sure they had a good one as well. For some reason I haven't asked my parents how it went yet--perhaps they or other family readers could enlighten me via blog?

Oh yes. Because I watched Boondock Saints the night before, I also had the F-word running through many of my thoughts on Saturday. I literally had to clean up some of my thoughts before allowing them to be verbalized. I don't think I even knew my brain could insert the F-word in so many sentences until I had to censor it out of so many.

Just a note here that I never intend to give a last name to any of these people via blog, and a request to readers that if they know the last name they not use it in their comments--if they do the comments will be deleted to protect my friends' privacy.

Oh yes. Today I discovered a very fun song. It's called "The Boxer" and it's by the Chemical Brothers with Tim Burgess of the Charlatans as guest vocalist, the groove bends genres as much of their other stuff does--a dance-worthy and hip-hoppy, techno-groovy, funky, just plain awesome track. I'd recommend it to any of my readers. I've been listening to the stream almost nonstop, and I think it'll be the other Chemical Brothers song that goes in my iTunes, whenever I get around to signing up for a music store account. Note to parental readers: Since I have no credit card and don't want to establish credit right yet, any ideas on how this could work?

I even made an N map mostly while listening to "The Boxer" which I named after the song, because pretty much whenever I've been playing that map or editing it I've been listening to the song. Awesome groove. Go here if you feel so intrigued by my intrigue that you absolutely must hear it.

Oh yes, I also saw Red vs. Blue for the first time this last week (last seven days). Red vs. Blue is a whimsical take on Halo, a first-person shooter made for the X-Box. Using the game the creators of this (cartoon?) make it look as if it were just a bunch of real characters interacting and fighting. There are some very nicely done shots as well, and a plot that I look forward to learning more of once the rolling archive gets to the point of my being able to download every episode. The last one made was actually the first one I saw, and it was pretty good. You could go to if you wanted to hear more and download that episode, which by the way is #62: Lost in Triangulation. Be warned that neither Halo nor RvB is suitable for young children in terms of violence, and there's a bit of language in RvB (while it's definitely bad enough to exclude young children, it's not as much as Boondock Saints and is used to much better, more comical and less over-the-top, effect). Also, the humor in RvB is very goofy. Do not approach it totally from a "smart" humor point of view. It's sort of smart-stupid humor, in a way, and there's a couple of awesome verbal/conversational gags in Episode 62.

I think I'll let that be my post for the evening. Goodnight and God bless (cite comedian mentioned by my Dad earlier here.)


k-po said...

as your wise cousin nicolas would say to those in the movie - keep your tongue from evil! as well as - oh be careful little ears what you hear, oh be careful little eyes what you see. and for all those underage drinkers they are lucky i didn't stop by to check id's - i just don't go for law breakers - me included - i wish i would have been busted. and take a lesson from the dead 18 year old who visited OSU last weekend. is it really worth it and you look like a fool. as far as the wedding will have to hear it in person. there is too much information. ask your dad about the :O)

k-po said...

would you come and visit your family please. what are you doing thursday and friday. your cousins do not have school. you have turned into such a college stud.