Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Takin' a Poll

I'm" a O47-C3-E74-A10-N76 Big Five!!

Take the quiz. It was fairly accurate with me. I'm not sure if I'm quite as disagreeable as I rated, but I do sometimes find it too easy to criticize people. And I do have a fair measure of neurosis (not clinical I'm sure, but in general.)

Enjoy, and please post your results in comments!


nana said...

thanks for the quiz. i love quizzes.
i am an

At least now you know where you get your neuroticism.

Did you notice that spells ocean? I wonder what that means?

nana said...

by the way. your 52 blog. the person who responded that if you didn't write so often.....

makes me think maybe you are practicing to be an oregonian columnist who HAS to write every day.

just a thought.

L-Po said...

Okay, here you go ...
O - 93
C - 64
E - 1
A - 17
N - 71

Does it sound like your mother?

k-po said...

I'm a O7-C79-E22-A10-N55 Big Five!!
Auntie K.

llgp said...

McGee, that was rather fun, if not especially surprising. I ended up with O12-C89-E42-A44-N22. I think the first and the last one might both be a little exaggerated than is true when I think about them. Otherwise, though, it seems fairly accurate.
Like the Joker asked regarding Batman, "Where does he get all those wonderful toys?"