Friday, November 18, 2005

BHC Tonight, and Wow I'm Excited

I get to back to De La Salle North Catholic tonight for Beverage House Catastrophe, an event I feel a special connection to because I helped to start the thing. I seriously trust the people in charge of it (although the one I've actually worked with on it before is sick) and am looking foward to a great event. And now, on to comments on the last post. For purposes of context I'll re-quote Irving's passage in neat Courier font, then proceed to commentage.

“And always the prettiest girl got to play [the Virgin] Mary. “WHAT DOES PRETTY HAVE TO DO WITH IT?” Owen asked. “WHO SAYS MARY WAS PRETTY?”

nana said: what is the matter with you, Daniel? Too much studying? Of course Mary was the prettiest girl in Nazarath. She was also blonde and blue eyed. She was the head cheerleader for Nazareth High and was of course Homecoming Queen. Oh yes. She was born in the USA.

p.s. her dad was a CEO of a major corporation.

That made me laugh. Out loud, even, I think.

k-po said: it is irony because she probably wasn't a virgin

In the actual book, the character probably is (they're about middle-school aged then, as I recall.) However it is still a funny thing to note that the girls who wind up playing Mary probably often end up not being virgins, or becoming not-virgins before they become not-unmarrieds...Wow, that was an odd sentence.

k-po said: when will we see you again? you are not going to the soccer game on friday? what kind of school spirit do you have? can i go to beverage house with you? oh i forgot i have children. good luck with your papers etc.

I am not going to the soccer game on Friday. I will be missing a school playoff game, but my logic is thus: I've been planning on BHC for at least a month. This game was just scheduled a week or so ago. I'm going to BHC, because it was there first. And because I actually want to be there more. Papers are either in or getting turned in today.

l-po said: Ah, yes, THE VOICE! We have an adage that tells us "pretty is as pretty does." Studies have shown that people tend to think that pretty people are nice and unattractive people not so nice. Be glad you're handsome.

(For those of you who haven't read Owen Meany, "the voice" refers to the way Owen's dialogue is--always capitalized, to emphasize his strange voice.) Studies really show that? I should be glad rather that the people I hang with don't judge others like that, or at least don't do it so much. I can't think of myself as handsome,'d be too weird.

Anyway, on to turning in my paper and then the Philosophy Table! I will blog again later! Until then, good day and God bless.


nana said...


james dobson does a chapter in his first book about the "cinderella girl" and how pretty is perceived as better than. funny isn't it? pretty trumps bright every time. no. not funny. sad.

L-Po said...

So you think of yourself as pretty? I think that's weirder.