Tuesday, November 15, 2005

3/4ths of the Way to Post 100!

Yo, everybody. I'm posting because I haven't in a couple of days just to say how stuff's going. Academically this is my worst week of the semester, sans possibly finals week, because this week I have two major papers due. Thankfully the Spanish paper is finished, and the English paper has been looked at in the writing lab. Now I basically have to make some corrections on English, revise it a bit, and turn it in by 5:00 PM Friday. Then I get to celebrate by visiting De La Salle North Catholic High School for Beverage House Catastrophe. Sweet stuff.

Also, a Physics test on Friday. That's the worst part. Hmm. I should talk to my parents about the possibility of staying out a ridiculous amount of time in Beaverton, for mud football and Pastor Matt's college group. (I hope you're all listening--this could be the one none-break Sunday this semester I can afford to do mud football, and there is none of that on Thanksgiving break.)

Now back to my Physics homework. Bye, y'all, and God bless. I leave you with a quotation from John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany. I encourage the discussion thereof:

“And always the prettiest girl got to play [the Virgin] Mary. “WHAT DOES PRETTY HAVE TO DO WITH IT?” Owen asked. “WHO SAYS MARY WAS PRETTY?”


nana said...

what is the matter with you, Daniel? Too much studying? Of course Mary was the prettiest girl in Nazarath. She was also blonde and blue eyed. She was the head cheerleader for Nazareth High and was of course Homecoming Queen. Oh yes. She was born in the USA.

p.s. her dad was a CEO of a major corporation.

k-po said...

it is irony because she probably wasn't a virgin

k-po said...

when will we see you again? you are not going to the soccer game on friday? what kind of school spirit do you have? can i go to beverage house with you? oh i forgot i have children. good luck with your papers etc.

L-Po said...

Ah, yes, THE VOICE! We have an adage that tells us "pretty is as pretty does." Studies have shown that people tend to think that pretty people are nice and unattractive people not so nice. Be glad you're handsome.