Friday, December 09, 2005

D.Lo Responds to Post Comments (Part 54)

Welcome to another edition of the post-where-I'm-just-resonding-to-post-comments.

d r w said: Sometimes I think DSL is "LSD" backwards for a reason...Great Blog D-lo. How about a new top five Chesterton Quotations anyone?

Heh. Actually, I sometimes marvel at the different acronyms that can be made with those letters. For instance "DLS" (De La Salle, an often used abbreviation for my high school, "De La Salle North Catholic") or "LDS" (the Mormon church.) There's probably one for each permutation (one for each possible arrangement of the letters)...there are six permutations, leaving two two be found...That'll be covered later. As for Chesterton quotations...I'm not sure I could pick just five, but if you can tell me via comment, I suppose.

k-po said: i have a trolling story - uncle scott asked me one sunday if i was trolling for men since i had taken a shower that sunday. what kind of thing is that to say to a mother of 2. i told him my sisters would kill me if i considered "trolling" so i need to wait until my boys are grown - then it is "trolling away" kind of like anchors away - i will be off and trolling - watch out men she's trolling....again. what a troll.

That's awesome...Kinda mean, though, yeah. And yeah, your sisters probably would kill you...they tend to be vicious like that. (j/k). Thanks for making me laugh, k-po. How are the boys anyways? I will probably be able to hang over break, or something. (But don't worry, it won't be a hangover break.)

And now for a question for the commentors/readers: Does anyone have the words (serious words, not just fillers) to fill in the acronyms SDL and SLD?


llgp said...

Of course there's the very special family LSD (Lee, Sylvia, and Doran).

nana said...

guess again young man. Trolling is exactly as kpo defined it. Girls know these things. so by association it would be associated to fishing (luring, etc) and i didn't even realize i had made a pun with the cove associated fishing thing. Do you follow?

sdl. Sir Daniel Lower.
lsd. limbs slowly decaying.
sdl. sarte demented literacy

D.J. Lower / KKairos said...

Whatever it's worth, google's definition of "trolling" didn't show k-po's definition...

Learned something new today, I did.