Friday, December 02, 2005

Five Favorite Songs, Anyone?

You know that/those song(s) that you listen to, and when you're listening to it you don't want to miss a single note, beat, measure, line, etc? The ones that you marvel over, and listen to a million times, and hear the different instruments in? You have a "top five"? I'm not sure if I do really, but I'll make an attempt to define what my top five are:

Jars of Clay - Fade to Grey: A song that's good for when I'm sad or happy and is a great song to worship with. Awesome vocal line, and the way all the instruments come together is awesome. And the bassline rules, especially near the end.

The Echoing Green - She's Gone Tragic: An electronica peice that uses the title's "she" as a parallel to the greater humanity--and suggests that we all need to "stumble into the Light." Good bass, great synths, and a song that I would dance to if DJs only had the courage to play it.

Delirious? - Deeper: Probably my favorite worship song that was written, more directly, as a worship song. It rocks out while speaking, like the first two, to humanity's need of God. Fun to sing and edifying.

Headslider - Trouble on Your Mind: Unlike the rest of the list, it's not a peice of "Christian music"--but it makes the list because of its incredible groove and good vocals, and because the bassist was able to go from playing for an almost drum'n'bass style back to old jazzy-swingy bass, and back again.

Fold Zandura - Return: It makes me want to dance, or something, even though it's poppy-quasi-hard rock. It seems to be dealing with the themes of salvation and even the final completion we will have in God, after we're gone from the earth. The way in which the guitars work together I find intriguing.

So here's my question--and give your reasons for each if you can--what're your top five songs of all time? My list happens to have worked out mostly in the "Christian" subculture of music, but I certainly don't expect anyone else's to. Good day and God bless.


sdfg said...

find him on the mountaintop

Tyler said...

Friends in low places, Garth Brooks

Little moments, Brad Paisley

Jaded, Aerosmith

Letters from Home, John Michael Mongomery

Best I ever had, Verticle Horizon

These are just good songs to me....

Jared said...

Imagine, John Lennon

Interpol, Slow Hands

Mr. Brightside, The Killers

The Reason, Hoobastank

Ocean Avenue, Yellow Card

kkairos said...
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L-Po said...

1. "Amazing Grace"
2. "Danny Boy" as sung by any good Irish tenor
3. "Go, Tell It On The Mountain" as sung by my sister
4. "Moon River" as sung by Andy Williams
4. "Operator, Information (Get Me Jesus On The Line)" as sung by Manhattan Transfer

k-po said...

september - earth, wind & fire
nothing can come between us - sade
never as good as the first time - sade
lowdown - boz skaggs
new year's day - u2

L-Po said...

Oops! Can I add a #6? It's "Ain't Nobody Who Can Do It Like Leslie Can," by Paul Revere and the Raiders, who hail from the Portland area, no less.