Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Things I'll Never Learn (Part 5000)

Welcome to this installment of The Things I'll Never Learn--those life lessons that you know pretty much from the start, or from some point in your life, but that you have to keep realizing, because they keep escaping you. In this installment is:

Never take anyone for granted. There are a myriad of reasons for this lesson. This posting in particular is brought on by my Mom's recent time in the hospital (not serious, but still) which reminded me that I often take for granted that people will be there, and that's not really the case...Of course my Mom isn't the only one I've taken for granted, but that's hte example I present here. Never take anyone for granted.

As far as things I'll never learn go, that one's...well, it's definitely on the list.


nana said...

i am with you on this one. i would like it to be something i outgrow. maybe you'll be able to do so.

you are a good kid.

llgp said...

I'm not sure anyone ever fully lives out that leason even if they truly learn it. It's a tough one. Still, it's an important one to be reminded of and to make efforts to operationalize.

Michael said...

As on now (2005-12-05) there are 961 days left. Will you ever learn what this means?
Anyway good story. I agree with the others.

k-po said...

961 days left until what?

daniel you are a wonder! just remember to tell your mom you love her....every day!