Thursday, December 08, 2005


So, in the last post I was talking about how I was at the Cove at 1:00 AM studying. I actually went longer, and including distractions (i.e. people around, and people back in Kenna) I wound up going to bed around 3:30 AM.

nana said: why are you out of your room at 1;00 a.m.? you may say it is for studying but i don't buy that. Your are trolling, man. admit it.

love you anyway

I actually got curious as to what nana meant by "trolling," so I did a google define. Trolling is defined by google (type in "define: " to see!) as one of the following:

a) Providing people with false information in order to get help from people who want to give it.
b) Fishing with "an array of baited lines or lures behind the boat.”
c) Starting trouble on Internet message boards.
d) Doing LSD.

I’m guessing you didn’t mean b), because although it is called the Cove it is quite inland. I'm going to guess you meant d). Not to worry, not too many drugs to be had on/around the UP campus--but I do know of places I could go to if I wanted some beer. (And no, I won't doing that either.)


L-Po said...

Ah, there's the Asperger son I know and love. Are you being literal to deflect what you think Nana really meant or are you being literal because you're literal? Also, please remember the call of Jesus who urged his followers to become "fishers of men." Perhaps Nana thought you were at the Cove witnessing.

llgp said...

If you mix the definition that has to do with fishing with the expression, "there're plenty of fish in the sea," you'll probably get something close to the intended definition of trolling.

D.J. Lower / KKairos said...

Of coruse the Aspie in me had to clear up--just in case--that I don't do that crap. But I also thought it might be fun to list the definitions of "trolling."

L-Po said...

So you're saying that you understood what Nana meant by "trolling," you were just making it clear you don't "troll"?

D.J. Lower / KKairos said...

Actually I had to look up what Nana meant, and yes I was making sure. (I did know one was the message board one, but I figured Nana wasn't talking about that.)

D R W said...

Sometimes I think DSL is "LSD" backwards for a reason...Great Blog D-lo. How about a new top five Chesterton Quotations anyone?

k-po said...

i have a trolling story - uncle scott asked me one sunday if i was trolling for men since i had taken a shower that sunday. what kind of thing is that to say to a mother of 2. i told him my sisters would kill me if i considered "trolling" so i need to wait until my boys are grown - then it is "trolling away" kind of like anchors away - i will be off and trolling - watch out men she's trolling....again. what a troll.