Thursday, July 28, 2005

My First Issue of World Magazine

I got my first new issue of World Magazine in the mail today. Thanks, Aunt Pooh! I also read a decent amount of it. My thoughts so far are that it's a good magazine. Some might question its credibility because of its position, but it's bad to question the credibility of a magazine based merely on its position. World's position, for those who do not know, is the Conservative Christian position, which often means also the politically Conservative position. However, their reporting is refreshing--part of the reason is that I know what their bias is, and so I have an automatic filter for the way that they present things. One other thing that makes me more comfortable with them is my first issue's editorial: Basically, the whole chairman's letter/editorial thing was about how, ideally, readers aren't just reading World--they're also reading other news sources, and comparing them to test their credibilities. I found that quite an honorable thought for their sort of "main dude" to have.

Also, I think I'll be keeping Benedict XVI in my Google Alerts for awhile. While World, in an earlier issue, noted that he might not make the ecumenical mistakes (the type of ecumenical that involves praying in Mosques, apparently) that John Paul II made. I'm a bit concerned however that he might not recognize as a Pope the possibility of ecumenism within Christianity. I'm all for a Pope that rejects Pluralism/Relativism. But I've heard from many reliable sources that he's likely to reject other forms of Christianity besides the Catholic church. There's some pertinent document called "Domine Jesus" which I need to try and get a copy of; one section in particular should be relevant to this issue.

Speaking of Pluralism, I had an interesting conversation with my philosophy professor today about those things. I wanted to check my earlier logic regarding exclusivism and pluralism. It's still formulating, but let's just say he gave me some interesting stuff to think about in terms of my presuppositions about pluralism implying relativism. I think whenever the argument gets reformulated it'll be more along the lines of pluralism's problems, then "can they be solved by relativism" and then "no, because relativism is self-contradictory." Not those exact words, probably, but you might get the idea. So expect (sometime, not necessarily within any given length of time) an improved line of reasoning to come onto this blog. Sometime.

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Michael said...

hah, you get world also? thats great. did you get the july 30th issue (Bush's Pick)? I cant say I agree with all articles but I really liked "From the Ground Up", an article on the situation in Africa. That was cool.

k-po said...

can you play with your cousins today?