Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Popewatch

The new Pope is an interesting character. I don't think he's quite as conservative as he's been made out to be if he's still calling for interfaith dialogue (I assume by this he means the good kind, not the "truth is relative" kind.) I didn't read the article but I saw some headline and snippit suggesting that he wanted religious dialogue to continue in spite of...I want to say the London attacks. Anyway, Benedict XVI is on my Google Alerts now, so I've got some interesting stuff to share about him. For instance, he is here being lambasted by a liberal feminist Catholic on several issues, most of which I side with Benedict on. (Hrm, almost spelled "Benediction!")

Another article says that the Pope is being unfairly portrayed as
condemning Harry Potter. While some of the things he has said in the past express concern regarding the books, the article does well in pointing out that "this particular spell may have rather more to do with spin than magic."

So is the Pope conservative? Yes. Too much? Probably a bit. Gotta go. Bed. Goodnight and God bless. More on this later.


L-Po said...

I think people sometimes forget that many institutions (such as the family, religion, etc.) are not democracies. And sometimes the institutions also forget their appropriate role. While I would like to see the Church give women a greater role, including pastoral duties, I do not believe it must. However, my perspective is one of a non-Catholic.

Matthew g Prior said...

D Lo, the faces on my blog are not distorted, we are very proud. Check out my latest post, it might intrigue you.