Sunday, July 10, 2005

Older and no Wiser in Myself

So I've had this idea for a song swimming around in my head for the last several days. (A very early version of this song was actually written in, I believe, my Sophomore or Junior year.) For now, consider it poetry; there is a tune and a bit of music written on the bass guitar, but nobody has recorded themselves playing and/or singing yet. Here it is:

Older and No Wiser in Myself

Do you remember
When we all would play pretend
A bright day in December
With a castle to defend
When we all would be robots
Or pirates on the sea
I know all that was fun and games
But it seemed so real to me

But now we’re older
My, look how we have grown
And so much wiser
My, look how we have grown
Goodbye, childhood ideals
We never wanted you!
We’re still pretending
We think that nothing’s wrong

So it’s been all this time
And we’re still playing pretend,
We sacrifice our health
We have our dignity to defend
See our Savior reaching
Into our petty hearts
Seems we’ve become afraid of Him
Afraid to do our part

Hello, childhood ideals
It’s true I have missed you
I realize that you can’t be
What I want you to
But it’s okay now
I take shelter in my God
The only thing that’s sure
Not to change with the times

Do you remember
Can you recall
We were so innocent
We thought we were strong
We thought we were strong
What went wrong

And now I stand still
Singing simple songs of praise
God’s made me wiser
How His wisdom tramples mine
And I am better
Sheltered by the Wings of God
The only thing I know
I’ll never leave behind

That’s all there is to the poem. Questions, comments and analyses welcome. Constructive criticism also welcome, but if you hate it don't be too harsh. That's all there is for today.

-edit-: You know what? It really stinks that I had to fix the formatting on this after blockquoting it.


nla said...

the poem is awesome. even an old person like me can relate to it and remember those childhood ideals. great work.

nla said...

Can i have a copy of this?