Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nearing the End of the Summer Session

There is a bit over a week left in the Summer Session at University of Portland, counting that the Philosophy of Religion Paper isn't due until next Saturday morning. Still, though. It's crazy how much time has actually passed. Next week's going to be quite hectic as well.

Monday I get to have lunch with two other De La Salle North Catholic HS Alumni who are also going to UP. It'll be fun. Plus, all three of us are in the same hall come fall. Unfortunately, earlier that day, I have my Philosophy final to contend with. Then Tuesday I get to practice for Church--the Youth Band's playing this Sunday. As if it weren't coming fast enough already, that'll probably be one of the last times that we will play together as a Youth Worship Band...Wednesday, probably, will be Youth Group, and more tying up loose ends in class. Plus a presentation on Islam and its current issues. Thursday's my last day of class. That'll be fun, but I guess it'll a bit odd having to suddenly not see Summer Session people until the fall. It's going to be so much more crowded in the fall. Friday I am going to be working on my Philosophy of Religion Paper--hopefully finishing it up and getting it to my professor that day, as opposed to by 9 AM on Saturday.

Then I have to hang out as much as possible with people who are going far away--places like the Midwest, and California, and pretty much everyone I know well who's not somewhere in or near the Portland-Vancouver area.

And in response to Michael's comment: I haven't read the article about Africa just yet. I should. I did read the article on John Roberts, though. Interesting. Probably somewhat biased, but even if I run it through my bias-filter it comes out making more trouble for the Democrats than they'd like. If I may ask was there anything else that caught your eye in that issue, in a good or bad way?

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llgp said...

Don't forget to spend some quality time with your parents before you leave them empty and broken, fetally positioned and sobbing out their grief at your departure... well, at least, until the door closes behind you--then the party begins!