Monday, August 01, 2005

Scanning Photos

Blogged from 11:41 PM on the 31st of July to 12:33 AM on the 1st of August

I am currently scanning pictures onto my Mother's computer so that I can burn them to a CD and transfer them back to my laptop. If you understood that, kudos.

I'm doing so because my own computer has no scanner, which is fine. This scanner insists upon scanning everything twice--once a "preview" and twice the real scan. The big question I have is that if I already know exactly how a layout I've put down into the scanner will look, by virtue of previous experience, why on earth can't the "preview" be optional? It helps, but after awhile it's redundant.

So what is in this group of pictures being scanned? I am scanning select photos from:

A) Baccalaureate and Graduation, and my Senior Class Party
B) The trip that some of the Ambassadors took to the LaSallian Leadership conference in Moraga last summer.
C) Junior Year (a little bit of the school Auction aftermath with parents talking, a picture of me before performing Our Town and a few pictures from before my Junior Prom.
D) Random family gathering, includes me, my aunt (the k-po one), her kids / my cousins, and my parents.

There's some fun pictures in there.

But they're all scanning slowly. And even though it's not really slow, I keep neglecting to push it along right when it's done doing whatever it's doing. I've even started writing tonight in part to offset the monotony of scanning things. At the time of this writing I have scanned in and saved nine groups of photos, which I'll later have to use the GIMP on to make into individual pictures. Okay, now it's ten. And now naturally I must check to make sure I got all the Baccalaureate/Graduation stuff in. I'm not actually scanning the auction stuff, which is in the next packet, but I would like to note that I found one thing that I can't identify. It's either my little cousin making a weird contorted face, some cousin of E.T.'s, or someone from De La Salle and related groups/families that I don't know.

Make that 11 De La Salle .JPGs with at least two photos on them (for whatever reason the second-to-last Baccalaureate/Grad picture I scanned only had two photos laid out on it...) Now I'm on to that family gathering, the our town picture and the two-three Jr. Prom pictures.

Okay, I've decided to add what's in my wallet and a coupla other pictures (most of this addition is senior pictures. I'm going to try and fit them all in one scan--if I can this will be the 14th and final! Hrm, just realized it's gonna be two, as I'm going to get the messages/signatures where they apply to senior pics. So I'll end up with a clean number of 15 scans!

Well, not all the pictures will fit. But the two that don't have no messages, so they can scan with the messages, I suppose. Lots of GIMP-editing is going to be done on these scans to get them to the point of being individual pictures. I'm thinkin with senior pics that have commentary, I'll even combine them. Anyway, it's time I stopped blogging for the night.

Goodnight and God bless!


llgp said...

Did you forget about your Monday Philosophy test or did you just think it would be fun to see what effect sleep deprivation would have on your grade point?

p'jammers said...

Yo, D! I wouldn't mind viewing some of your photos from categories 'A' and 'C'... that is, if you don't mind sharing. :)
p.s. Glad to hear you did well on your Philosophy test Monday!