Monday, August 29, 2005

Service Plunge and Other Things

The service plunge was fairly cool. My group got to do some cool stuff, like wash windows and scrape tape off of wood in a classroom being rented out by the Sun School, or Head Start, or something. The in-between time, the non-service time, was alright, but not the most fun thing ever. I met a couple of cool people from Christie who I've been hanging with during orientation as well, and a couple of other people as well. I'm not sure exactly how much I remember of orientation. Anyway, on to the many questions, and then to bed for me; I have an 8:10 AM class!

L-po asked: Have you shaved? Interested mothers want to know.

I have yet to shave. Should I miraculously find time tomorrow, I will do that. I already have to shower tomorrow, and get to class on time; -however- I will make a point of showering sometime tomorrow so that I can be cleanshaven for a week at least, or something.

llgp asked: Did you take your vitamines? Did you shave (notice the clean faces of your male friends)? Did you make a plan for how you're going to get up on Monday? (I think you should be in charge of getting up--emphasis on the GETTING UP--and turning off the alarm, since you're on the bottom bunk.)And most importantly, did you cry yourself to sleep last night when you realized that your loving parents weren't there to tuck you in, read you a story, and sing you bed-night songs like usual?

No. No, but see above. Yes; Tyler's alarm is set. And no, I didn't. I was too busy hanging out with cool people, including one of the peeps from Christie and someone I know from summer session who's on campus.

L-po asked: Have you pooped since Wednesday? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yes. I am not going to go into further detail via blog.

kokosmasher asked: Dude! I have to pee, too! Sweet!

Yes, I know that's not a question, but it's funnier saying "kokosmasher asked:" for that sentence. And yes, that is sweet. Make sure you pee before your bladder overloads and you spontaneously combust. (Note: The scare tactic contained in this advice has not been verified by my Kenna Hall peer health educator.)

k-po asked: I miss you already. Please poop for your mom and shave. Don't forget to change your clothes before you go to bed then you won't have to dress when you wake up. Remember to slow down when you talk. Only members from the island of danocrotesland are able to understand danocrotese spoken by their leader danocrates. So slow down there young one, you don't need to get there so fast. Before you know it I will find your school schedule and will be stalking you on campus :O)

Again, I know that's not a question. Don't worry, I will do those things, and I have been changing in the mornings. I think I've had to slow down once or twice. Interesting wordplay in the denocratesland sentence--intentional? Don't worry, I'll slow down when necessary. Don't stalk me on campus. I will call public safety, or whoever I call/talk to.

nana said: my dearest, most delightful, most deliciously wonderful Daniel. a man has to do what a man has to do.

Okay, so I got sick of putting "person-X asked" for everything, because it's not fitting or funny anymore. Thank you for your support.

k-po said: Good luck tomorrow.

Thank you for your support.

Thanks to everyone who's written stuff and asked questions and been so supportive of me in coming to UP and getting adjusted. My adventures shall be continually posted on this blog, ideally a post a day. Enjoy! And now I must sleep.


L-Po said...

Please, please, please tell me you made it to class on time.

llgp said...

So, how was your first day of classes? When is your first Spanish class (don't forget to talk to the prof). Is Tyler in the class with you or is he in a different section. (It might be nice to have a class or two in common, but not so many that he has to put up with you all day long!) Any more job interviews or applications? I have many other questions I'll hold off on for now.

Michael Millar said...

Alright! Big man on campus. Good luck with the year. (oh yeah, Ive got a show so deep and confusing that I'm stumped to say the least, its called Neon Genesis Evangelion. You might want to look into it. Its filled with tons of christian symbolism and mythology.)

nana said...

Peace be with you