Friday, August 12, 2005

Another Picture

Goodness, this is almost turning into a "photo" blog--this one's not a photo, though. It's a scanned picture that I made a bit ago using pencil and red pen/marker. Fun b/c it's only two colors. It has been posterized with the GIMP to make the two-color effect greater. The title of it is "Romance"--but don't think of Romance in the sense of what it means today. Think rather of the older sense of the word. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

Oh yes, also there is a question as to what's with that last picture. It was taken on a bus-ride to or from Colorado in 2003 for the International Youth Conference. I don't remember if I took it myself or if a friend did, but hopefully that helps. I have got to come up with some newer topics. For now, just enjoy the picture.


llgp said...

You could always write about how great your parents are and how incredibly sad you'll be to leave them behind when you move into the dorm.

kokosmasher said...

I'm sure D-Lo will come by and visit each day, though, provided his homework is done.