Friday, August 05, 2005

Phantom Hat Syndrome

Anyone reading this ever have phantom hat syndrome? It's crazy and a bit trippy to have. It's when you wear a hat for a decent amount of time; then, taking the hat off, you still feel it there. It's like phantom limb syndrome, but better. Why, you ask? Because it doesn't involve losing a ligament, of course! But anyway, it's fading now. But once I put my UP hat on again, it'll probably return.

Well, now my summer session has ended. I just finished doing in-text citations on my philosophy paper tonight. That'll get turned in tomorrow. Class this semester was a wonderful experience. Having one's worldview dismantled in class to see where the flaws are and where the good things are is a good experience. People should do it more often. My worldview survived the experience pretty intact, but I have a much bigger appreciation for the possibility of my being wrong. Of course Pascal's Wager does do some good there (there are some objections to it, but it works fairly well for one who already believes) but it could also do good for Judaism and Islam. Oh well; I'll have to deal with that fact later, whenever it is I actually sit down to decide whether or not I'll ever use Pascal's Wager to help describe why I believe.

I am also more interested in exploring inclusivism and pluralism as honestly as possible, to see how much merit they really have. Probably where they do have merit it will be on an insignificant scale, and it probably won't involve Christianity. I think as to that, even after a class in which, among other things, there was talk of how religions influence one another, I will probably find my former beliefs confirmed. Maybe I'll be begging the question there, but I'm a bit cynical on the subject of pluralism.

(On a side note, pluralism is also a common term for a philosophy in which the universe is made up of more than one substance, e.g. Cartesian Dualism. Found that out trying to do a search for the meaning of Pluralism.)

Now I have to follow up on that spend-time-with-leaving-people thing I was talking about. Lots of people going far and far away...Goodness, that last line sounds like the start of some lyrics or something. Maybe it'll become something, later on. I sort of want to go for an obscenely long post, but I'm not actually up to it tonight. So I'll leave you all with that. Goodnight and God bless!


llgp said...

Wow, I wonder if after all these years of having your voice press in on me, I'll develop "Phantom Danieltalk Syndrome" after you've gone on to college.
Even if I'm not actually hearing you, though, I'm pretty certain you'll be talking... somewhere... to someone.

Michael said...

In phantom limb syndrome the brain still gets messages from the nerves that originally carried impulses from the missing limb. This is similar to your hat feeling in the way that the nerves are left with a certain feeling (i.e. your hats still on) that imitates your previous actions. Try swinging on a swing as fast and as hard as you can for about 10 of 20 minutes, then sit down on your couch. It will feel as if your legs are still pumping and your body is still moving. This is a fun expirement with the nervous system.

L-Po said...

I think you have "Phantom Michael Moore syndrome," because when you don't shave for a couple of days, and with your hair the length it is, and with your glasses, when you slap on that ball cap, you are reminiscent of Michael Moore.

k-po said...

when do you sleep