Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Night, Another Post

Weird. Even though I'm listening to a trance remix of a garage-house song, I just randomly had the chorus of the OC Supertones' "Another Show" pop into my head. Anyone who like me knows that song well enough to get the chorus in their head (probably not many people) will be able to sing my post's title.

One day left in the Summer Session for class. One day. Then a paper, which I think I'm probably going to finish tomorrow night. At any rate it's got to be done by 9 AM on Saturday. Got a pretty nice start on it today, for what that's worth. Well, yesterday, technically, but for practical purposes it's sort of the same "day"--I haven't had that break of sleep yet.

pjammers, in response to the post a couple of posts ago, wrote: "Yo, D! I wouldn't mind viewing some of your photos from categories 'A' and 'C'... that is, if you don't mind sharing. :) p.s. Glad to hear you did well on your Philosophy test Monday!" I'd be happy to share some. For those who don't want to go back and figure which categories A and C are, that means my Graduation/Baccalaureate/Senior Party and my Junior Year. So here goes... This first one's a picture of me dressed up as Doc Gibbs before the production of Our Town, which was by the way De La Salle North Catholic's first play ever. Rockin', huh?

And of course I'm also thinking that I should post something from Baccalaureate / Graduation / Senior Party, so here goes on tha
t one...
This is a picture of me during my speech at De La Salle's graduation, which was held in the amazingly huge (as in, if this is a school assembly, it's our biggest ever) Immanuel Temple. It's really not REALLY big, but what it is is bigger than anything we've ever had an academic school event in before. That's not saying much, but it's something! Anyway, here I am giving the speech-thing as one of the De La Salle Christian Brothers looks on. I have no idea what I was saying at the time. But it looks kinda cool. I remember when I actually gave the speech, as opposed to just having written the thing, and people started describing it as a sermon or as a preaching thing. I was actually a bit taken aback, thinking I had made stuff subtle enough so as not to come off that way. Not that you shouldn't preach, but I knew Graduation wouldn't be the appropriate time for an all-out Sermon. (Not that no other speakers gave sermons; I honestly don't remember well enough to say. But for me, it wouldn't have worked.) But I went for the more subtle side and I guess people picked it up anyway. Good for them, and I guess good for me; I guess it's possible to preach and evangelistic sermon without actually preaching an evangelistic sermon?

For the record, a lot of this stuff is me trying to fill blog-space; I practically established an expectation for myself in the first couple of weeks to be a bit long-winded, and now my penance is to fulfill it. Tonight's wordcount is upwards of 500. Dunno what my actual record is for one day. Probably around 1000 somewhere.


p'jammers said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, D.Lo! I must say, you're looking mighty dapper in your cap and gown! And, way-to-go on presenting a speech to your class! Splitsman and I are proud of you!

llgp said...

Nice color scheme in the first picture. Standing completely still like that you blend in with the background so well that you probably would be safe from hunters all through the Spring Thespian season.