Sunday, August 14, 2005

The De La Salle of Hazards?

One smokin' woman does not a good movie make. I went to see the Dukes of Hazzard with some friends tonight. It was an interesting movie. I can't say I actually saw the series itself, because I didn't. But from what I'd seen in the previews I got the impression that the movie was more about Jessica Simpson's body than, say, the interaction of the other two Duke cousins.

In case you're wondering, at least in the movie, the name comes from the last name of the three cousins, Duke, and from the name of their home county, Hazzard. I honestly can't remember right now what their names are. Bo, Daisy and...the other dude's name escapes me. Anyway, there was some decent characterization there. I actually did enjoy the interplay between the two guy-cousins. They're supposed to be like best friends, and they are. And they're both a little crazy. Their personalities, if nothing else, are the shining point of the movie in my opinion.

But there is one other thing. What car chases there are are comedic and awesome. One of them even has a direct tie to the characterization, and they all involve the personality. It's actually not that bad of a movie. The problem is that it isn't that good, either. It has its moments (especially the (highlight to read spoiler) jump onto the highway. My friends and I didn't laugh all too hard, but the people around us certainly found it amusing. Overall I'd say one thumb up for the decent characterization and decent plot, and the better jokes. One thumb down for all the jokes that missed.

After seeing the Dukes of Hazzard, we later went to another friend's sort of "last-get-together" party. We all had a great time hanging out. I got to play Up-Words with people, which was cool. i actually got the word "Taize" in. How exactly is beyond me, but that rocked. Pretty soon, though, we started making exceptions in spelling and other things that are probably rules or are rules in the game. We had no rules with us; we were just guessing on what we could recall of Scrabble.

Quite a good few (and quite a few good) people were there. A friend going to the Midwest for college who I am going to miss much; another going to New York who's awesome. Kokosmasher, who I'm going to see again before we ship off to our colleges, I'm sure, but it's still good to see him. He's awesome. And of course my fellow De La Salle people who are going to UP. And someone going to Santa Clara, who I've had many a fun conversation with. A friend going to Knox, someone to PCC, two or three to Portland State University. A good friend going to Clark College. A guy I know who I forgot was going to UO, not to OSU (there is a huge difference between those) who tried to persuade me to side with the Ducks. I said "no," being the Civil-War neutral person that, given my choice of friends and God's choice of my family, is a necessity of survival.

I talked to a friend online, after getting home, who said he'd come from someone's goodbye party. He's going to PCC, that person's going to Dominican, and another friend of mine and theirs is going to be going to St. Mary's College of California. (They're not the only De La Salle Person doing so, actually.)

It's all quite crazy. And of course on top of this is a good and longtime friend whose goodbye party was last Wednesday and who leaves for Colorado State University later today (as in Sunday.) Plus another who's going to Seattle Pacific University, and another who is going to Oregon State University (this paragraph was just the church people whom I'll be missing this fall.)

So we talked and hung out and hugged and now, save a couple of hangin-out things I got left to do with a couple of people, that's pretty much it, at least until Winter Break, when I see church people at church and fellow De La Salle alumni at whatever the Alumni gathering is. I feel like saying something inspirational, at least I vaguely feel that way, but not much is coming. I might have used it all up at Graduation. But here's one bit anyway. (The "miss yous" and very last part of course is only for people I will be missing; thankfully a few of you awesome folks will be within hangout distance.)

We're going to be scattered all around the country. I'm going to miss you all terribly, and at the same time I'll be adjusting to new friendships and a new class structure and all of that. I wish all of you the best and I hope to do my best myself. May God bless you and guide you throughout your college years, especially this first Semester / first Trimester. Looking forward to seeing you all whenever there's a chance!

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kokosmasher said...

Dude...I love you, man! You've been a great friend to me. I will miss your D-LO presence at GFU. There is no one else like you, which is a good thing...

...And again: I LOVE YOU, MAN!