Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Passing of a Great One

I said I'd be doing another Snohomishfest post today, and I am not. I will do that tomorrow, or the next time after that that I can blog. Today I will dedicate the post to the passing of one Robert Moog. (It ryhmes with Vogue, as opposed to having a "moo" sound in it like I thought it did.) Moog synths are among the most well-known in the world of electronica, and they have been used by some very famous non-electronica artists. In fact one article called Robert Moog the father of electronica for creating the Moog synth.

Moog synths have apparently been heard in songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Yes and Herbie Hancock. That's cool. They were also used in a movie which has a name which I forget. This is stuff I'm gathering from articles. At any rate the Moog has been highly influential. It is very sad; Robert Moog passed away at 71 due to an incurable brain tumor. Here's to Robert Moog for helping to give birth to one of the greatest musical revolutions ever, and for in the process contributing to smaller revolutions in many other genres.

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